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“Credit is a powerful tool that can help propel you to a better Financial Future.“
- J.Locke

Step 1 - Credit Builder Loan

Build credit without adding debt.

Step 2 - Credit Cards

Start practicing good habits with a new credit card or line of credit.

Step 3 - Add History

Boost yoaur credit score by adding positive payment history.


We help clients to get success

My name is Jamel Locke, and I'm the founder of High Fiko Scores.

My company specializes in credit repair, and we're here to help you improve your financial future. But I don't just mean by helping you get a loan—I mean by helping you build a life that's financially stable and secure. Because that's what good credit is all about: it's not just about getting a loan when you need one; it's about having the power to make decisions for yourself, for your family, and for your future.

I know what it feels like to have bad credit: it can be a nightmare! It makes getting loans very difficult, and if you don't have access to credit in emergencies or even just to make everyday purchases, then what happens when something goes wrong? You're stuck without options or resources—and that can really take its toll on your mental health.

That's why I started High Fiko Scores: because I want everyone who struggles with bad credit to know that there's always hope for better days ahead. Our team is made up of people who understand how this feels firsthand—we've been there ourselves, we are here to help, so what are you waiting for, join the family, and let's fix your credit together.

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What we dispute

Personal Information

Personal information includes a broad range of information, or an opinion, that could


A record of a request for your credit report is called a credit inquiry. You'|| see an inquiry on your credit report anytime someone pulls your report from one of the three national credit bureaus.


Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay their outstanding debts.

Collections / Charge-off

Credit collection refers to the general debt recovery process of reimbursing unpaid and past-due credit loans from the consumer in debt on behalf of the lender

Student Loans

A student loan is a type of loan designed to help students pay for post-secondary education and the associated fees, such as tuition, books and supplies, and living expenses.


It is the action of retaking possession of something, in particular when a buyer defaults on payments.


It is the action of expelling someone, especially a tenant, from a property;

Late Payments

A late payment is an amount of money a borrower sends to a lender or service provider that arrives after the date that the payment was due or after a grace period for the payment has passed.

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We can help you!

Credit repair is the process of removing inaccuracies, mistakes and false information on your credit report. By helping you establish a clearer and more accurate report of your credit history, you may find that your credit score could improve.

Pricing can vary according to each company and their plans. Payment plans can be a one-time flat fee or a monthly plan. Some companies will offer discounted rates such as a couples discount. Others offer a trial period or a money-back guarantee within a period of time.

The time it takes to repair credit can vary on a case-to-case basis. Repairing credit can be as simple as removing inaccurate balances no your report and take only a few months to do so. However, in other severe cases where there is accurate information concerning collection accounts, then these marks will stay on your report for 7 years.

The free consultation gives you an opportunity to discuss with a credit expert what are the best steps to take in your circumstance. You can also discuss your questions or any concerns you may have about the process.

Yes, you can use credit repair even if you are filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can cause a lot of damage to your credit. The most important step to take after filing for bankruptcy is making sure your credit report is clear of any inaccuracies.

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